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Anna Ministries International

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  • Is it no coincidence that the needy look online for justice, peace, love and the message of God, for is His kingdom is global?

  • Isn’t His message for everyone, in all corners of our turbulent world?

  • Aren’t His people the very same people that are spending more and more time online, in all corners of the world?


God’s message is global.

The work of Anna Ministries International is also global and is intended to be a beacon for all those that are seeking God’s message. Over half of the world’s population (that’s nearly 3.9 BILLION people) are online or have access to the internet!

We know that planet earth is a much smaller place because of this connectivity and interactivity. But this then is surely an opportunity to make the presence of God be felt in every one of those corners of the world. In these turbulent and divisive times it is essential that the reassurance and calmness of His word is available to everyone.


By sharing our ministry online, and yours, we can be providing help for those seeking answers from google instead of God. The more ministries we encourage, the more likely it is that we can bring hope and healing to those in need and we can provide the answers when they ask.

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